4 Stroke Engine Gas Tank Repair

Gas Tank Repair Electrolysis Rust Removal

Electrolysis Rust Removal Without Gas Tank Sealer

How to remove rust using electrolysis rust removal, no gas tank sealer needed!
electrolysis rust removal gas tank Electrolysis Rust Removal

Follow this simple step by step electrolysis rust removal article complete with pics! By removing rust from the metal there is no need for a gas tank sealer. The electrolysis rust removal prcess only removes the rust and not the metal. Electrolysis will not only remove rust in fuel tanks, it can be used to clean rust from pretty much any metal. Before you get started there are a few important things you need to know, polarity, sacrifical electrode, laundry soda water mixture, amperage and voltage are all covered here.

Harley Stripped Oil Plug Repair

Fix Stripped Oil Drain Plug And Install New Primary Cover Gaskets

How To Fix A Stripped Oil Plug

Easy stripped drain plug repair, low cost, permanent fix!
harley fix stripped drain plug Oil Drain Plug Repair Article With Pics

Step by step oil drain plug repair. This stripped drain plug fix applies to any type of stripped oil drain plug on any engine. This article includes replacing the primary side cover case gaskets on a Harley Davidson Iron Head Sportster. In the process of getting this old bike running again, I noticed an oil leak under it on the garage floor. When I went to remove the transmission oil drain plug, I could immediatly tell it was stripped out and that someone had basically glued it back in with some sort of sealer. My family owned a Harley Davidson shop when I grew up and I have been a garage mechanic all my life. Here's how anyone with a few tools and a little common sense garage knowledge can fix a stripped oil drain plug.